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We are a full service Customs' Broker that is committed to taking care of your imports needs with professional care and in a manner that's timely and at a very competitive rate. We appreciate today's present financial situation with most companies, which is the reason behind our offering an affordable service. Our goal is to keep a lasting relationship with our valued customers through sound work ethics and quality performances and, at the same time, not be a burden on their financial statement. Additionally, we can offer a substantial discount on import bond acquisitions for those who require these types of bonds for their business needs.

Our highly trained staff bring many years of experience in the import & Export industry and the professional handling of our clients/importers products entry requirement is priority one. We value the relationship with our client-importers and their goods and services and we concentrate on keeping a sound relationship through quality service and care.

C-TPAT certified, we offer a high standard for our approach to the procedures required for incoming goods and encourage our client-importers to please be encouraged by our efforts to ensure compliance to the certification requirements.

Whatever your imports requirements are we can handle them. We are authorized, via Custom's Remote Location Filing approval, to handle imports at other National Ports that are also RLF approved. This means essentially that your goods can be officially entered by us at our Los Angeles office, even if the import location is at another qualified Port. We're Well trained and versed in Customhouse entry procedures, our knowledge in this field provides you the customers assurances of expedited and safe delivery of your product. Whether your goods or services require warehouse storage, reconciliation entry, other agency clearance documentation (i.e., FDA, FCC, USDA, DOT), Free Trade Zone entry, In-Bond Transit, or they are simply American goods returning for repair, we offer our well qualified staff to handle the entry process so that your product is delivered expediently.

First and foremost, our goal is to become your long term Logistics Partner and continuously provide you with a service that is affordable and conducted professionally

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